Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics: Days 9/10/11 & final conclusion

Our Day 9 of attending the Olympics encompassed watching some fabulous Speed Skating with Matt's parents. We enjoyed observing quite a few oval records as well as a new Olympic record!! All our Canadian skaters did exceptionally well; it was quite fun to watch! Meanwhile, we also watched the Russia/Canada game, which we won (7-3 for Canada) - wohoo!!!

Day 10 (Day 14 of the Olympics though) Matt and I attended the Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Final at Cypress Mountain. It was a little chilly but well worth it. Vanoc once again stepped up to the plate, moving 9,000 people from SFU to the mountain within an hour; they were fantastically organised. We stood for well over an hour to keep our spot with a decent view, haha, meanwhile freezing our feet off (we sort of under-estimated how cold the mountain would be, ashamed to admit as Canadians, lol). After the first round, the Canadians were doing fantastic, with Kyle Nissen I believe it was, sitting at the top. Unfortunately though we were beat out of any medals at the final round!! It was a bit of a let-down, however it was still an enjoyable and worthwhile event to attend (and our first where Canada did not do something exceptional or go on to do something exceptional!).

Friday we were up early to pack up and head out!! I already miss the old house we stayed in, everything else now just seems so lacking in history, character, and stories ;) We headed out to Lone Butte, BC, where we checked out a horse we were interested in (and ended up purchasing) and were treated to the hospitality of some of my family's friends for the night. The following day, after a last visit with our new filly, we headed back to the Olympics, this time to stay in Hope, BC, so that Matt could attend the Gold Medal Men's Hockey game with his dad.

Today Matt was up early and was out with his dad for the game (our Day 11 of the Olympics); I definitely took advantage of more sleep, hehe, before heading out to the nearest bar with his mom to watch the game on tv. And what a game it was!! I have to admit to a sigh of relief escaping with the first goal, and another with the second goal. The Americans soon tied it up though, which only made for a more intense game which included my perching nervously in my seat and even knocking over a glass of water (re-hydrating, don't worry, as a true Canadian I was drinking, hahahaha). We had to win, after all we'd endured from the Americans. Sorry US friends, but some of your fellow comrades were downright disrespectful and cocky up here!! They needed a good boot in the butt for some of their behaviour. Like, using our flag as a doormat in the changerooms (US women's hockey team), apparently. And claiming our winning a Gold and Silver (cannot recall which event though?) over the US was all part of a 'conspiracy'. I'm sorry, but that's just downright un-sportsman-like. Pull up your socks, suck it up, and be a fricken sport. Hockey is OUR sport and we deserved that win today - kudos to Crosby for that game-winning goal in overtime!! I am so proud to be a Canadian, we rock!!

Tomorrow we are headed back home to more mundane tasks such as sleeping, taking three horses to the vet for dentals, checking in on one of my fully leased-out horse and letting someone try out another to potentially be leased, riding my Thoroughbred, checking out properties for sale, and packing for work (3 weeks of it, look out!). It'll be nice for a break, and watching a few events on tv (and the game today) was a nice, slow, let-down from the Olympics high from attending the events we did (we attended 11 Olympics events/venues of 17 days of Olympics), we're finishing the Olympics on a bright note - DOMINATION!!! Muahahahahaha....*silence*.... ;P

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