Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics bound!!

Those were the words written on or expressed through flags on a variety of vehicles on our trip from Airdrie, Alberta, to Vancouver, BC. Our trip included a one-night layover in Osoyoos, BC (near the US border) with Matt's parents and a second night layover in Kelowna, BC (Valentines Day). As I type, I am seated in an antique chair in a little nook of our small room, next to a small opened window. Snowboard cross plays over the tiny tv above our armoir. Our home for the next week and a a half, an old Victorian home, echoes of ghosts past and includes gold-framed paintings twice my size, as well as mirrors (everywhere!). Our room is a little wee bit smaller than we had anticipated (lol) and is one of 3 or 4 in the upper level of the house, almost in the attic. I almost expect to see some translucent apparition descending the squeeky wooden stairs; odours reminiscent of an old antiques shop flood your senses upon entering the wooden doors of the house. It's quaint and a little cramped, but I love it. It's also hot here - I doubt we'll be needing our thermals, even on the mountain, haha. Tonight we've got tickets to the Victory Ceremonies - we are watching Canada's gold being awarded. Our first ever gold on our own soil - a historic moment!! We're pretty chuffed :P

UPDATE: The Victory Ceremony was fantastic!! It was amazing to see the Gold awarded to Canada's Alexandre Bilodeau (Men's Moguls)!!!!! The Silver awarded to the Freestyle Skiiing Men's Moguls Dale Begg-Smith was Australian but had Canadian roots as well (Begg-Smith is Canadian, skiing for Oz), which was pretty neat! It was Quebec night, so afterwards Gregory Charles came on for a performance (fireworks inclusive!). It was fantastic to be present for such a historic event :)

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