Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 7

Well the walk through East Hastings was fine and actually proved another great evening of exercise :) I definitely greatly enjoyed the figure-skating pairs at the Pacific Coliseum tonight - the 3 hours of competition passed rather quickly!! Each pair did a different dance within the theme of folk/country. There was spanish salsa, hawaiian dance, country (as in, country music), opera/folk, everything. My favourites were probably one of the French pairs (though I cannot recall at the moment, sitting in the dark so late at night, haha, who they were and what they danced to - they might have been a cowboy/girl pair??), the Great Britain pair who danced to an Irish folk song (the song was beautiful and their dancing fantabulous!), and then of course the Canadians, who scored highest and stole first in the event!! They were amazing - they flowed beautifully and truly appeared to dance as 'one'. I loved too the various pairs (US and French I believe) who danced to country songs, dressed as cowboy/girl pairs - they were quite fun to watch. There were some very young dancers there and quite a few brother/sister pairs, which was also pretty neat. I also enjoyed watching the jewish dance put on by the Isrealites - it was neat to see that country represented. Apparently we saw some of the best dancing in history, and we were obviously thrilled to see Canada hit the top spot!

Unfortunately Canada lost to the US tonight (we kept a close eye during intervals, at the score). Had they won, I would have kicked myself a little (though I really enjoyed the figure skating, so the kick would not have been overly hard), but since they lost, I was not too upset I missed the game. Not having to see the game and live every moment lessens the acuteness of the pain of the loss. A little. Canada put a lot of shots on goal though at least, which is an improvement over the Swiss game. I hope they played as aggressively as their stats belied (I don't know, not having seen the game myself), though I would love to see Luongo in net for our next game in lieu of Brodeur. We cannot afford to lose any more games and really have to (continue to?) step it up a notch, which includes fewer goals per shots on goal!! Good news is that I hear no team has ever won Gold being undefeated in the leading games so I guess statistically we still have a good chance (though, being Canada, of course we still have a good chance, hehe). I guess the Americans deserved a rain to their drought against Canada and at least now we'll have more games to pull us together tighter (hopefully). Lucky us, we actually have tickets to the Canada versus Germany game, so that should be a blast!! I am hoping too that we really kick Russia's ass...that'll be the next one to worry about, I hear. GO CANADA GO!!

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