Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 2 Olympics

Day 2 was actually spent in a nearby bar (Timbre), watching the Canada vs. Norway Men's Hockey game - we won 8-0!!! We originally had tickets to the Snowboard Cross however our tickets (general admission - standing room) were cancelled. It has rained so much and the weather has been so warm here that the snow platform we were intended to stand on, has washed away! So we were restricted instead to watching it on tv. Unfortunately for us then, we missed watching Maelle Ricker's Gold medal for Canada (Ladie's Snowboard Cross)!!!! CANADA'S SECOND GOLD!!!

While the bed has proven a little rough to sleep on, I have to admit to loving this place more and more each day. Each time we come through the front door I can envision the parlour doors (now converted rooms behind closed doors) open wide and victorian women gliding through the entranceway and into the rooms beyond. The old wood floors creak and groan with every weight shift, and are worn with the treads of many before us. I keep anticipating seeing a ghostly spectre (I know, I know, no laughing) at the end of a hall or on the stairs, but no such luck yet! Haha. LOVE it! It was cloudy with some rain the past day or two however today dawned completely bright and clear. Super sunny, very warm (10C?). Makes for gorgeous weather for us, however I feel for the athletes. Downhill skiing was playing earlier, during which several falls occured due to the icy conditions on the hill. Sucks!! I find it difficult to complain for them though (sorry!), since this warm weather is definitely nice for us! Apparently there was 7cm of snow in Calgary this morning, with more coming in a continuous curtain of white. So, NOT complaining!! It IS rather embarassing though that we have to truck and helicopter in snow. IN CANADA. Haha. Aaaah *sigh*.

Tonight (Day 3) will be spent touring about with Matt's cousin prior to watching (live, in person) the men's Hockey Czech vs. Slovakia game. Tomorrow's a long day (min 19 hour day!) as we drop off Matt's truck at the dealership (warranty work) then watch/attend some events!

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