Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 8

As plans usually prove, yesterday's did not go as planned and we did not make it to the Aquarium - but it is on my list of things to do next time I am out here for sure!! I definitely recall loving it as a kid and am anxious to see it as it is now.

Prior to hitting the hockey game, we toured about Granville St and Gastown, including a stop at Lululemon for some hockey hats (only the coolest hats ever to wear to the hockey game! Muahahahaha!!), a couple of stops for souvenirs for family, and a stop for crepes (oh my!). Everything was much less packed than is usual, due to the drizzly weather. By the time we were finished our shopping, we were pretty happy to be headed to our venue and a break from the rain, which had increased and now included some fairly strong winds. I was a little chilly underneath my raincoat (I had just a Canada t-shirt on beneath), but was pretty ecstatic to find that I was completely dry under my coat!! The water just beaded off as if I were a (very cool, I might add) duck - it was so cool to shake off the beads later (hehehe, yea, I know, simple minds, simple things, yada yada yada). Matt's coat was alright but the extra $$ paid for my coat seemed to have paid off, as his was a little less resistant to the water. I was so glad that putting the money into a really good raincoat paid off, because usually you find things tend to be the other way around (lol).

Today was our 8th day attending an Olympic event/venue, 12th day of the Olympics (did you see that Gold yesterday by our Figure Skating Ice Dance, Virtue and Moir?? WOW!!! First time in North America for such a Gold!!!): today's special was attending the GER/CAN game!! Wow, our boys played fabulous today! We used Luongo in net today, which proved amazing - he did an absolutely fantastic job of goalkeeping. Canada produced 39 shots on goal today, in comparison to Germany's 23, and Luongo made 21 saves (for a 91.3 saves percentage) to the Germans' 31. First goal was scored by us at 10:13 in the first period by Thornton, second goal was scored at second period by Weber at 2:32 into the period! Weber's shot actually broke both the net and the glass behind the net; we had to wait not only for repairs but also for a decision - they did not notice the goal right away. Third goal was scored by Iginla just a little over a minute later, then again 8:50 into the period. Finally the Germans fought back with a goal at the end of the second period, but Crosby added another goal to our roster just over a minute into the third period. Richards topped it off at 6:41, as did Niedermayer at 11:22 and Nash at 16:28. Finally, just before we finished the third, the Germans fought one more goal into the net, just over a minute prior to the horn. Some of those goals were absolutely amazing to see!! Crosby's was so neat and tidy - he just sort of tipped the puck into the net as it was about to slide past between him and the net (while Greiss was on the other side of the net, blocking) . It was so seemingly effortless and fluid :) The game finished at 8-2 and plenty of singing and chanting on the trains (I don't think I've ever sang the Canadian anthem so much!!).

Tomorrow Canada plays Russia, so hopefully we can keep up the good goalkeeping and aggressive plays (Staal beautifully wallpapered a German player today - it was AWESOME!!) for a win. Fingers crossed!!!! We'll be watching on the iphone, as we are attending, in person, Speed Skating tomorrow: 1,000m women's qualifying; 500m men's qualifying; and Ladies 3,000 medal relay...I think Canada has some medal possibilities in the relay, which would be great! We have been pretty lucky so far to have attended some great events where we either watched Canadians make medals (Golds included) or where they've played/competed great to go on to win a medal :)

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