Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whatcha say

Okay, this keeps nagging at me so I am going to finally blog about it. Video below.

Jason Derulo, Whatcha Say. Lyrics here.

I love the woman's lyrics, how the chick in the song is sarcastic "of course it is", "well of course you did". Booya!! I only wish she had slightly more self-respect in the movie, and did not open the door to him at the end. Why? Here's the problem. The guy in the song is your typical guy. Self-serving, wanting the cake and to eat it too. He did not stay true to her (though I do believe personally that cheating is the result of something wrong within the relationship, which may be a result of one party or both parties, rather than simply the cheater's fault) and does not realise all his mistakes until the end. Fine. I understand forgiveness. But like I said, your typical selfish bachelor-living guy who only looks after himself and does not realise what he has until it is gone. But then he goes on to say "but when I become a star we'll be living so large, I'll do anything for you". That's the problem. See, guys I know it's natural for you to want to play the role of the 'provider'. You think it's enough to just bring home the dollars and work your ass off, but, and I realise this sounds bitchy, it's not. You have to invest in the relationship as well, because eventually we get tired of it being one-sided and of carrying all the weight. Don't tell us that you'll do anything for us "because we'll be living so large". We (well, any down-to-earth woman, I am leaving out the shallow twits here) don't want your money. We don't need to live large. We just want you, and we want you to play a part in the relationship.

*sigh* rant over. Sorry, I realise this is just a song, but it really showcases how it really happens. Guys honestly somehow really think this, that it's ok because they'll treat us well and make up for their mistakes in living large. Trust me, I've heard it before and it's annoying to get through to guys - so listen up guys!!

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